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Are you ready for an extraordinary experience of introspection and transformation? Come and experience the Immunity to Change process in an original formula in collaboration with horses! A collaboration with Wásábi coaching & leadership .

What is the Immunity to Change process?

Immunity to Change TM is a learning process that bridges the gap between what you sincerely want to accomplish and what you are truly capable of achieving. Deeply transformative, this approach makes it easier to achieve the most difficult improvements in your personal and professional life.

Developed by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, developmental psychologists at Harvard University, it operationalizes 40 years of research into adult development and mindsets, while being consistent with the latest neuroscience research.

Why invest in this workshop?

  • Mapping your immunity to change powerfully reveals the forces that operate without your knowledge and limit your personal and professional growth. Becoming aware of them opens the door to new, immediately applicable strategies for achieving the changes you desire.
  • From your mapping, you embark on a mission to deconstruct your immunity and take meaningful steps towards achieving your most important goals.
  • Interactions with horses accelerate the shift from head to heart and provide a safe but transformative practice ground to begin the work of deconstructing your immunity.
  • Finally, as you reflect and experiment, you enhance your self-awareness and equip yourself to replicate these development sprints on your own. Thus, you leave with a solid foundation to accelerate your growth throughout your life!

If you are struggling with a dilemma, frustration, or a lingering challenge, want to grow but have your foot on both the gas and the brake pedal, this activity is for you.

What will you experience?

  • Preparatory call (1hr): After a brief introduction to the basics of the process, you will begin mapping your immunity to change.
  • Workshop (1-day of interaction with horses). You will continue to map your immunity to change and discover how horses can quickly and powerfully help you deconstruct the certainties at the source of this immunity. Throughout the day, your reflections will be punctuated by transformative periods of experimentation with horses.
  • Experimental period (2-4 weeks). You will deliberately and autonomously pursue the deconstruction of your Immunity to Change by carrying out a development “sprint” in your personal and/or professional context.
  • Integrative workshop (virtual, 1hr). A time for sharing and integrating what you have learned since the first workshop. Collaborative learning will bring new insights into the certainties at the source of your immunity and consolidate your understanding of the deconstruction missions. You will take stock of your progress and plan for further development.
  • Individual coaching (1hr by videoconference). Whether it is to identify your improvement goal, support you in your deconstruction mission or consolidate your learning, you will have 1 hour of coaching at your disposal before, during or up to 90 days after the initial workshop.

Who will support you on this journey?

Julie Gouin, M.Ed., CRHA, ACC | Impact Crescendo. A PCC certified executive coach and adult development specialist, Julie was trained by Robert Kegan and his team in the Immunity to ChangeTM process and the SOITM Adult Development Assessment tool. A seasoned facilitator recognized for her energy, Julie brings rigor, energy, and depth to the learning experiences she designs.

Anouk Lorie, M.Sc., MBA | Wásábi Coaching & Leadership. Certified Coach in Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching (EFLC) by the Academy for Coaching With Horses, Advanced Facilitator and a Certified Practitioner in Equine Experiential EducationE3A), Anouk has more than 25 years of experience in the corporate and high Academic worlds. Passionate about people and convinced by the power of working in partnership with horses, she expertly delivers the many programs she has developed at Wásábi, both in terms of leadership, communication, team building, and personal development.

It was during her participation in workshops at Wásábi, having experienced and witnessed firsthand the accelerating effect of learning in partnership with horses, that Julie saw the potential of integrating this horse-human collaboration into the deconstruction of our Immunity to Change. Anouk welcomed with curiosity and enthusiasm the co-creation of such an experience with horses. It is from this spark that this workshop was born!

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This includes: a preparatory call (1h), 1 one-day workshop in VIP formula with 4 to 6 participants to guarantee in-depth work, all working documents, a mapping of your Immunity to Change, a guided experimentation plan, a virtual integration workshop (1h) and 1h of professional coaching. More than 10 hours of personalized support!

Lunch, snacks, and beverages are provided during workshops at Wásábi. No previous experience with horses is required. The work is done on the ground only (you do not ride the horse) and in a totally safe environment, supervised by certified coaches.

Location: Morin-Heights, Quebec (Canada)

Schedule : The date of the preparatory call and the integration workshop will be set in consultation with participants.