Who am I?


Hello, my name is Julie! For 25 years, I have been coaching leaders and teams to achieve their development goals. My diverse experience in many different industries allows me to quickly grasp the issues and the different sides of the same coin.

My specialty? Converting human development needs into concrete, high-impact solutions.

Some achievements:

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Some of the organizations I have had the pleasure of working with...

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My great strengths

Why choose to work with me?


Expertise and science

All my services are based on the science of adult development and reflect my rigor in this regard, whether in a coaching session, a workshop or developmental course, or in consulting mode. I am constantly on the lookout for new knowledge in my industry and make sure to keep developing in this sense.

The power to make connections

Whether it is between different theories (development, motivation, neuroscience) or between the theory and the reality of my clients, I am able to recognize the connections and make the best of them. Plus, I have the audacity to bring them to life!

Dynamic and authentic

I have been described as energetic and engaging! Whether in coaching or facilitation, these qualities give learners the desire to really focus on their development. Also, I have a sincere desire to help people and I seek to create relationships based on trust above all else.

Want to get to know each other better?

Our first session is on the house!