Development Coaching

All coaching experiences help you grow, but well-established approaches generate results that speak for themselves.

Coaching is a structured partnership between a client or team and a professional coach. It raises awareness and facilitates the experimentation of new ways of being and doing in order to achieve business objectives more quickly and/or make lasting changes.

To learn more, I invite you to watch this short video in which I present development coaching.

For professional transitions

Individual coaching

In a series of one-on-one meetings, I will help you better understand and maneuver a transition you are experiencing, regardless of the transition.

  • I am going through a transition: adapting to a changing world or learning to navigate complexity.
  • I choose a transition: preparing for a new career, promotion or organization.
  • The need to transition: coping when many things are being called into question.
  • I provoke a transition: wanting to go beyond one’s limits or avoid feeling maxed-out.
For multi-person challenges

Team Coaching

This service responds to the many challenges that a team may face, whether it is a group of shareholders or associates, an executive committee, or a work team.

  • Need to align
  • Relational challenge
  • Shifts in mindsets

The answers to your questions

Success Stories

Geneviève Nolin

Ambitious HR professional who is passionate about her field and thrives on challenges

Impact of coaching:

She has gained confidence in achieving her ambitions. Coaching allowed her to reflect, innovate and work with her strengths to better define herself as a professional and manager.

What she enjoyed most:

The passion for humans that she shares with her coach.

Lasting Effect:

The authenticity of the relationship.

Guillaume Genest

Human-centered, fun-loving entrepreneur and general manager who was looking to be more inspired and inspiring

Impact of coaching:

He was able to further clarify his purpose, his entrepreneurial mission and focus on his interests.

What he enjoyed most:

The impactful questions that helped him to take a step back and finally find the answers for himself!

Lasting Effect:

Guiding his decisions according to what is meaningful to him, as much as possible.

Lyse Tremblay

Entrepreneur in the tech field who was looking to be more assertive

Impact of coaching:

She has made a 180-degree shift in the way she looks at her business and herself, and has regained her initial enthusiasm!

What she enjoyed most:

The opportunity to receive feedback and the sincere desire of her coach to help her and her company succeed.

Lasting Effect:

Trusting her own knowledge and experience to find new opportunities and take actions that yield results.

Sarah Jodoin-Houle

HR communication consultant and new entrepreneur

Impact of coaching:

She stepped into her new posture as an entrepreneur and gained confidence in her leadership abilities.

What she enjoyed most:

The feeling of moving forward at high speed, the little push when she “runs out of gas” or is looking for her way.

Lasting Effect:

The ability to call her impressions into question and experiment to validate (or invalidate) her beliefs.

Rachel Gouin

Executive Director with an entrepreneurial spirit

Impact of coaching:

She has challenged herself and made great leaps in her executive leadership journey over the past 3 years.

What she enjoyed most:

A chance to reflect on her professional development and to prepare herself for key moments of transition.

Lasting Effect:

Confidence in her ability to face the unknown with determination and optimism.

Estelle Rancourt

Lawyer who was exploring her professional options

Impact of coaching:

She was able to make the right career decision and find the confidence to take the leap toward self-employment.

What she enjoyed most:

Having the opportunity to reflect on her values and strengths, without thinking about the judgment of others.

Lasting Effect:

The ability to link her decisions to her values, considering their evolution over time.

Patricia Cloutier

Director of a community organization who wanted to gain confidence in her role

Impact of coaching:

She has developed a greater ease in asserting her opinions and decisions, in full authenticity with her values.

What she enjoyed most:

Support offered with the utmost respect. The opportunity to expand her horizons and look at the world through a different lens.

Lasting Effect:

The use of new tools and the time dedicated to reflection on a daily basis, which allows her to be and act with confidence and pleasure!

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