Expert Advice & Facilitation

Learning is exercising leadership. And in a complex world, the resilience of organizations will depend on the ability of leaders to transform themselves.

How does people development fit into your business strategy? What are the principles that guide you as leaders in this regard? Building a growth and development culture starts from the top. What do you need to rethink individually and collectively for such a culture to take shape?

Both of these services are completely customized to the organizations I work with.

Expert Advice

For organizations looking to breathe new life into their talent development strategies, I offer perspective and well-informed insight. I have a systemic view of development that will help you build strong connections between your business strategy, your organizational culture, and the growth of everyone in your organization.

  • I want to better identify tomorrow’s leaders.
  • I want to rethink my talent development strategy.
  • I want to increase the impact of my investments in leadership development.


To build a development culture and better navigate complexity, leaders need to engage in substantive discussions on specific issues. These exchanges grow in strength with a qualified facilitator. I specialize in high-level facilitation with executives who want to create the winning conditions for real transformation.

  • I want to shift the mindset of my senior leadership team, for real.
  • I want to be supported in our cultural evolution.
  • I want to rethink our strategic reviews to make them levers for individual and collective growth.

Success Stories

Vincent Dubois

Experienced technology entrepreneur looking to renew his management team and his passion

Impact of facilitation:

A new and expanded management team is in place with an exciting new strategic plan, a reaffirmed purpose and values, and clear goals.

What he most appreciated:

All were able to identify and work on their individual strengths and find their place in the team, with coaching and facilitation tailored to each member of the team.

Lasting Effect:

They are much more comfortable tackling the really difficult conversations, using certain approaches that they have acquired, which allows them to deal much more effectively with the various issues.


A cooperative of experienced professionals who wanted to channel the growth of their organization

Impact of facilitation:

The team was able to conduct a stimulating and engaging strategic review, taking a fresh look at the company’s environment and strategic positioning:

“ILOT coaches change ambassadors toward more mobilizing clarity to increase their social impact”

What they most appreciated :

Attentiveness to their needs and the highly flexible approach that created a pleasant and safe environment where all team members were able to contribute, while respecting the pace of their reflections and the shared management mode that L’ILOT practices.

Lasting Effect:

The intention, at the heart of their team life, to be able to approach all subjects from a position of trust and authenticity to enable them to go further in their reflections and projects.

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